Tips for cry proof make-up

avoid ruining makeup

The wedding is full-packed with emotions and the excitement of marrying the love of your life. But sometimes, you will end up crying at your wedding ceremony with overwhelming emotions. This can ruin your whole make-up and all the wedding pictures. The running mascara and the red eyes will ruin the wedding photo yours. You will regret the image if you cry every single day after you get married.

To avoid ruining makeup on your wedding day, you will need some tips for cry proof make-up. This cry proof make-up would stay there if you got emotional at your wedding. Eye makeup is one of the essential things that can get ruined, and it will not look pretty in the photos.

Following are some ways to achieve tear-proof makeup at your wedding, which will help your makeup stay longer.

Don’t go too heavy:-

We know that the big day is longer than we think, so your makeup has to last for a longer time. When you apply layers upon makeup layers, it will come off instantly when you cry or get emotional. Therefore try not to be heavy with your makeup. Light make-up will give you a natural look, and it will last day and night of your big day.

Most women love to have Smokey eye look on their wedding day, but it will be a mess if you cry and constantly wipe your eye. You can just do a simple eye look which is focusing on your eyelashes. Without using any brown or black eyeshadow, your make-up will look very elegant. It will create the texture of eyeshadows.

Waterproof makeup:-

This is one of the famous cry proof makeup hacks that can make your day beautiful. If you know how emotional you are and tricky at your wedding, you should use only waterproof makeup, which will save your day. The most important thing is to have waterproof mascara at your wedding.

Avoid inner corner and lower lashes:-

When you get emotional at your wedding, the tear will touch the inner corner of the eye; therefore, you should avoid the makeup on the inner corner. Most people love to have the inner corner highlighter-but will be off when you start to get emotional. You should also avoid the lower eyelashes makeup. All the above hacks will be the same day and help your pictures to be beautiful.