Mudbug Brass was created by two partners, who were once like you, newly engaged and trying to figure out the best way to plan their wedding.

As a geeky duo with a combined background in wedding coordination, web design, and software development, they were frustrated by the lack of intuitive wedding planning tools, hours spent researching and constantly being bombarded with unwanted ads and sales emails. They knew there had to be a more efficient, personal, and smarter way to plan their wedding.

Weddings are notoriously very stressful, and we think it’s a damn shame.

I noticed that my BFF was using a whole heap of different spreadsheets and online tools to keep track of her guest list, tasks, budget, contracts, and set up her wedding website, and the list goes on. As you can imagine, her attempt at staying super organized quickly became an overwhelming mess, and I really wanted to help.

Founded on their own experience and struggles of planning a wedding, the founders created a project management platform to help you stay on track of all your to-do’s, expenses, and guests with a wedding website builder that seamlessly works together to share and gather important information from your guests – all in one tidy place.

Our purpose is to simplify the wedding planning process and give you more time to actually enjoy your engagement.
We believe weddings should be a reflection of who you two are as a couple, so whether you’re into tradition or want to chuck them all out the window — we’re totally down for that. This is all about you two, we’re here to support and guide you along your journey and help you plan the most epic day ever!