Wedding Menu Ideas for Every Type of Reception

wedding menu ideas

Are you stumped as to what to serve? We’ve got you covered. There are already good wedding menu ideas to help you plan a laid-back bbq meal, with skirt steak and even delicious side dishes among our top picks. Take a seat and read through our list of tasty wedding menu suggestions – make sure not to read this on a hungry stomach.

If you want to impress and blow your invitees away with your reception meal, here are some creative ideas for wedding food, which can be followed-

  • Cupcakes are a great alternative to a big, fondant-covered cake.

Wedding customs and norms become more versatile over time, adapting to individual tastes and styles. More and more soon-to-be-weds are looking for a durable and cheerful range of cupcakes or more petite sweets instead of a multi-tiered fondant wedding cake.

  • Beer

There’s no doubt that something that mixes healthy food and alcohol is sure to be a hit. Nevertheless, all wedding guests are likely to be surprised by this choice. For an excellent and enjoyable food bar environment at your wedding, try mixing various biscuit variations with a range of beers.

reception meal

  • Cookies for a wedding without a cake

If you and your partner are not caked fans and want to avoid cake or brownies entirely, delicious, freshly baked cookies in your preferred variety can be an excellent substitute. This can be a fantastic food catering idea for weddings. Recognize that cookies do not necessarily have to be simple in appearance. Use berries or fruits to embellish them.

  • Fast-Food

Forget about serving ultra-fancy cuisine at your wedding reception. If you’re throwing a casual get-together or a formal wedding, bringing out your preferred fast food will get the fun started and everyone eager to dig in. Everyone’s mouths would be watering only from the smell. Plus, it’s a one-of-a-kind wedding menu idea for every type of reception.