Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

afro puff

Everyone has a right to look gorgeous, especially on their wedding day. The wedding day is beautiful in everyone’s life, so you have to look perfect on your day. But not every hairstyle suits everyone, especially for dusky women. Don’t worry. I got you. In this article, I am going to share some fantastic wedding hairstyles with you. So, let’s start.

For short hair:

There are many hairstyles for short haircuts. I’m listing down the best ones only.

  • classic hairstyleShort hair with accessories- this is a classic and typical hairstyle. If you have concise hair, then it is perfect for you. You just have to comb your hair well and accessorize it with any hair accessories like flower bands, tiaras, etc.
  • Afro puff- afro puff is also a classic hairstyle for short hair. There are many types of afro puffs. If you usually have curly hair, you can divide your hair into two parts. One is bigger than the other, and then simply comb it. If you have super curly and short hair, you can search it like a puff and add a hairband matching your wedding dress.

For long or middle length hair:

For long or middle-length hair, buns are trendy. Here are some best options for you.

  • Roll and tuck- this is a gorgeous hairstyle. For it, You have to tie a bun in the back with all your hairs, leaving a few strands from any side. Then roll it up and tuck it in the bun and add some hair accessories. That’s it.
  • Top bun- as I told you before, buns are trendy. Simply tie a bun on the top of your head and then accessorize it around the bun. You can tuck your wedding veil in this bun with the help of some fancy clips. Then you can avoid accessories.

  • Side bun- side buns are also similar to the top bun. The only difference is, the bun should be on any side of your head, and you cannot tuck any vail with it.
  • Twist out with flowers- this hairstyle is one of my favorite hairstyles. If you have a beach wedding or a forest wedding, then this hairstyle can be perfect for you. You just have to divide your hair into two parts and take two significant strands from your side hair. Then tie a bun with the leftover hairs and then twist those two strands and tuck it in the bun. Then you can add tiaras with fresh flowers.